Visual identity

Nowadays visual identification is a must-have of any serious brand. And it is not only about the identity to be a visual experience, but above all to be strategically used in marketing activities.An interesting logo design with easily remembered name, transparent and consistent layout on printed materials, an innovative solution for a piece of carton, known as the business card – surefire success.And the purpose – to make sure that the customer while seeing a billboard of your brand or drinking coffee from the cup marked with your logo, has no doubt which company stands behind it. Therefore, in our offer you will find a comprehensive visual identity project including printable materials, for off-and online use: logos, business cards, flyers, folders, directories, stamps, banners, etc.

We offer

  • Full corporate identity of the brand, starting with the company naming and advertising slogans, through the draft materials for online and offline use,
  • Logo – you’re receiving from us 3 design versions with proper colors and fonts,
  • Corporate typography – we specify the main font and font combination,
  • Brand colors – we’re selecting basic and object colors representing the company,
  • Printable materials – we prepare graphic designs as part of branding: business cards, stamps, letterheads, leaflets and brochures, folders, marked envelopes, catalogues, presentations templates, outdoor banners, etc.,
  • Online materials – we do the graphic material, which, as a consistent element of visual identity, will represent your brand in the online world: newsletters, promotional banners for Adwords campaigns, e-commerce banners, e-catalogues, 3d designs, etc.





Next to the name, the most important in creating the visual identity of the company is its graphic and logo forming a corporate symbol. The logo, as one of the most crucial elements of branding is designed to strengthen the brand and attract new customers. To do this, we create a graphic symbol, which tells the story of your business and its values.This way you can be sure that your new logo links: accuracy, minimalism, uniqueness and timelessness. If, on the other hand you have a logo that requires a refresh – here we can help, too. Investment in refreshing outdated logo can affect about your success in development perspective, remember, times are changing and so the expectations of your customers.

Business cards

You will not get a second chance to make a first impression. Business card design matched to the main branding, will professionally present your company. Remember! These inconspicuous, small cards can generate very large profits! It is the element representing your business that customers and counterparties keep, in case of future contact.Do not bet on ready-made templates that will not differentiate you in any way, and soon disappear in the maze of identical cards. Let us create a design fully consistent with all the visual identity elements of your brand – design, thanks to which you will gain in the eyes of the audience. Professional business card is your key to success in the world of the current competition.

Specification of the business card design

  • The business card design includes:
  • graphic design (1-sided or 2-sided)
  • filling the project in with customer’s data
  • vector file – .ai (Adobe Illustrator) – based on the selected printing house die, in which the business card will be printed
  • additional files – .pdf and .tif

Letterhead and brand folders

Complement to the printed business cards, are preserved in coherence with the whole, letterhead and folders. Many companies still miss the importance of the details in the form of properly designed letterhead, and maintains correspondence paper without proper header and footer. They do not even know how much they lose in the audience reception.During the meeting with the business partner wouldn’t you rather receive a set of materials in a carefully designed package of folder? And that first thought that comes up – the admiration for the details care, affecting further cooperation? With the appropriate project materials such as letterhead and business folders, you will emphasize your professionalism.

Specification of the letterhead design

  • The letterhead design includes:
  • graphic design
  • editable file – .doc and .docx
  • visualization of the letterhead design – .jpg
  • editable graphic file – .psd (Adobe Photoshop)

Specification of the brand folder design

  • The brand folder design includes:
  • graphic design (1-sided or 2-sided) in standard A4 size
  • filling the project in with customer’s data
  • vector file – .ai (Adobe Illustrator) – based on the selected printing house die, in which the folder will be printed
  • additional files – .pdf and .tif

Presentation, advertising folder AND LEAFLET

Multimedia presentation is not only dropping the full range to one basket and beautiful self-sold pictures. It is above all the strategic distribution of information, consistent messaging and graphic design, characteristic for your brand. And leave that to us. The main purpose of the created presentation templates is their sale-oriented role.We not only offer business presentation, but also report templates for business partners and sponsors, a graphical e-books and all the folders and directories that are the perfect complement to the trade show. Choose the corporate identity elements which will be proudly presented by you.

Specification of the multimedia presentation design

  • The multimedia presentation design includes:
  • graphic design of each slide
  • filling the project in with content from the client
  • editable file – .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • additional file – .pdf

Specification of the advertising folder design

  • The folder / advertising catalog design includes:
  • graphic design (number of pages and size indicated by the client)
  • filling the project in with content from the client
  • vector file – .ai (Adobe Illustrator) – based on the selected printing house die, in which the folder / catalog will be printed
  • additional files – .pdf and .tif

Specification of the flyer design

  • The flyer design includes:
  • graphic design (number of pages and size indicated by the client)
  • filling the project in with content from the client
  • editable file – .psd (Adobe Photoshop) – based on the indicated printing house die, in which the flyer will be printed
  • additional files – .pdf and .tif

Other materials

In corporate identify the basic principle is consistency in the transmission and it applies to both printable materials, as well as those representing the brand online. We also offer individual newsletters project kept in the graphic line correspondent the existing designs. We also design sale-oriented banners to Adwords campaign, preparing the set of 12 most popular sizes.However, if you plan promotional event and need devices that are flagged with your brand logo, we can also assist you in this matter. We offer engraving on ballpoint pens, cups, business card holder and other advertising products.

Our works

5 characteristics of good

visual identification


Each element of the visual identity should have the same values and entail the same message. In others words, logo design and implemented on printed materials graphics should not differ with color and mainstream. Otherwise it affects the reception of the brand.


While designing the visual identity it is worth to focus on minimalism. Times of glut are over. Our task is to create a visual strategy that is transparent and allows easy reception among potential customers and partners.


If you are comparing yourself to the competitors and looking for an added value, the corporate identification can play this role. With individual and unique projects you can be sure the uniqueness of visual messages, and thus better remembered by the audience.


While creating a corporate identity it is worth to bet on guiding graphic signs, which symbolically will find a connection with the brand. This enables quick memorizing of your audience and will proudly represent brand both in online and offline market.


Not infrequently the simplest solutions are the best. And if you are designing a corporate identity, this principle is applied. Bet on the idea more than a long history behind the branding. Note – message must be clear to all, not just the insiders and familiar with the branch.

How it works?

Cooperation step by step

  • 1


    You send us your query either via e-mail or a contact form and provide us with basic information regarding the ordered project. In case of logo design, we always ask to fill in the brief file.

  • 2


    We proceed with the design work and we provide you with ready versions via e-mail. When you order logo-you get 3 separate versions to choose from or follow with subsequent amendments.

  • 3


    The last step is to refine the details and the remarks received from you. If none are reported, after your approval, we proceed immediately to the next step.

  • 4

    Files preparation

    After selecting a specific logo design, we create other versions: white and dark background, online and offline use. If, on the other hand, the order involved printable materials, we prepare the files for printing plus provide you with the editable files to a later independent changes.

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